About Us

Navigator Artistic Studio is a Chennai based Indian Startup, Founded in 2014.We belief that delivering high quality 3d content and services to the people and have a wide range of working experience on many international projects. We are currently working with companies in UK, China and Australia on exciting projects.

Our Service Includes :-

- 3D Videos for Product Explantion.

- 3D Animation for Short Films and Commercials.

- 3D Outsourcing.

- 3D Content Creation for Games and movies etc.


A highly focused and experienced entrepreneur in an impressive task of acknowledging international business opportunities to generate revenue.He is truly excited about the challenge of team building and executing the task by identifying favorable circumstance for new business opportunities,managing vital relationships, negotiating and deciding business deals. He has a global knowledge in the European, South Asian and Australlian Markets.

Ram Kumar Raj - as 3D Artist

A highly gifted 3d artist with over 5 years experience in the industry.He have been appreciated for his speed of work, quality and his presentation.Also being the CEO of this company, he can understand the projects without any doubt. He have performed considerable act in asset building and look development of numerous projects for Shanghai Bamboo (China), Real Time Media Solutions (Australia) and IPD DESK LTD (UK).

Client Testimonails

“Your work looks real (not 3d graphics - looks like real photograph).”

- IPD Desk (UK)-

“Very satisfied with this contractor. It's not the first project together and would hire him again.”

- Shanghai Bamboo Bike (china)-

“Already the second project with this contractor. Work on the third one has begun.”

- Shanghai Bamboo Bike (china) -

“Well done. Excellent price/value ratio! Good quality animation and fast turnaround time”

- Shanghai Bamboo Bike (china) -

“I like the car designed from scratch”

- Shanghai Bamboo Bike (china) -